Magnolia Ring

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The magnificent and regal Magnolia tree has always captured my imagination as its beautiful soft pink flowers emerge turning white (Pink cabochon rose quartz) set against the gentle green glowing leaves are reflected here in green pear facet cut peridot stones. The large central stone facet cut stone is a 67ct golden rutilated quartz representing the branches on this iconic tree. The tree’s branches, flowers and form are delicately modeled in platinum to imbue the inspiring and elegant subject of the mature flowering magnolia tree, a matriarchal presence in any garden.


There are 14 pieces of pink cabochon cut rose quartz, 52 pieces round brilliant cut green perdiot and 14 pieces pear facet cut green perdiot. In total there are 80 small stones on this ring.  Total carat weight in this ring 76.47


Details & Materials

Metal: White Gold, Platinum also available.

Stones: Oval facet cut Rutilated quartz, cabochon rose quartz, peridot.





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