Instanbul Ring

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This spike was inspired by Istanbul and the ancient Byzantine and Ottoman Empire’s striking architecture and skyline consisting of minaret’s and domes. The cultural melting pot and fulcrum of the Silk Road trade route for so long is home to so many architectural styles, the great splendid domes and use of geometry is strong, iconic and leaves a visually indelible impression on visitors. 

The large centre stone used here is the very rare and exclusive Zultanite™, a colour changing stone transitioning from kiwi to champagne to raspberry depending on the light in a similar way that the city’s sky and surrounding waters change in the twilight hours from blues and greens to scorched ambers. This unique stone is only found and mined by hand in very small quantities in Turkey’s Anatolian mountains, the stone was named in honour of Ottoman sultans. It is a round brilliant cut stone mounted upside down to conventional designs. 

Details & Materials

Metal: 18ct White, Yellow and Rose Gold available. Platinum also available.

Stones: Reverse mounted round brilliant cut 10ct Dispora, Baguette cut clear and brown diamond.

Surrounding this large stone are a halo of clear baguette cut diamonds and lower down there is a continuous line of baguette cut brown diamonds which surround the finger. There are a total of 74 taper cut baguette diamonds in this ring.



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