This collection of high jewellery necklaces stems from many of nature's wonders.


From the humble but fragrant lavender flower to the lush rain forests of South East Asia, my inspirations are realised in precious and semi precious stones and metal.


Ever since the dawn of mankind we have been finding shiny and interesting objects with which to adorn ourselves. In the beginning it was sea shells, coral, polish quartz, then simple enamels were added. The discovery of metals and eventually silver and gold gave birth to simple metal shapes and then more elaborate and ornate decorations. Then pearls and precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, aquamarine as well as coloured diamonds were discovered. At first these stones were left rough and in time and ever since, stone and diamond polishing has been evolving and getting ever more complex in order to create the ideal cut of radiant clarity. This precious gifts from nature, formed over millions of years deep beneath the earth are often the inspiration behind many of my designs. From an Argyle or African mine, south sea pearls, Aokya and Tahiti, often a simple cut, shape or colour of the raw materials can spark my imagination and suggest a whole world of stories and possible resolutions to best showcase the soul of a stone or pearl.


These haute couture designs are made from the finest materials ethically sourced from around the world.