Hanami Cherry Blossom Ring

Hanami Cherry Blossom Tree Ring.jpg



The Emerald Fairy necklace was inspired by a trip to Prague. The vibrant culture and features such striking architectural periods spanning from medieval, Art Deco, Nouveau as well as modernist give the city a unique context. The people along with the night life and infamous Absinthe drink ensure a vibrant melting pot of music, ideas in design and creativity.


The large central pink with a hint of lilac Sapphire has been especially cut by a master lapidary especially for this ring in the shape of a blossom flower which is surrounded by delicately modeled branches, leaves and small flowers embedded with small pink diamonds. Towards the bottom of the ring shank you’ll see that the embedded stones intensify in density representing the fallen petals surrounding the tree.  In total there are 84 small stones on this ring. Total carat weight in this ring 0.42 not including the large specially cut central stone.


Details & Materials

Metal: 18ct White Gold, Platinum also available.

Stones: Custom cut pink sapphire, pink diamonds.






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