Emerald Fairy necklace


Emerald, Gold and Diamond NEcklace


The Emerald Fairy necklace was inspired by a trip to Prague. The vibrant culture and features such striking architectural periods spanning from medieval, Art Deco, Nouveau as well as modernist give the city a unique context. The people along with the night life and infamous Absinthe drink ensure a vibrant melting pot of music, ideas in design and creativity.


At the centre of each panel is a gorgeous Brazilian cushion cut emerald surrounded by round brilliant cut white diamonds. A master lapidary has specially cut several pieces of matte satin onyx to mirror the curve of the cushion cut emerald. The metal is cut, cast and polished before many hours of skilled stone setting completes the seamless design.


This is truly special piece and sits comfortably on the neck as well as within the collection. 

Details & Materials

Metal: White Gold Platinum also available.

Stones: 21 pieces of cushion cut Emerald, 415 pieces of white round brilliant cut diamonds, 28 pieces of hand cut Onyx.


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The cushion cut emerald is sumptous in it's volume, curves and deep rich colouring which make it sit comforatbaly with the white diamonds and balck onyx.