Deco Delight Ring

Art Deco ring with green stone.jpg



This ring is based on Art Deco industrial design with its clean, mechanical and industrial feel of design in that era. Architects such as Hugh Ferriss and others envisioned a modernist future of minimalist concrete and glass monolithic skyscrapers that would enhance our daily lives full of technology with clean and interesting design. 


A specially cut olive green facetted tourmaline stone sits in the top centre surrounded by a metal setting embellished with square flush set diamonds around the side of this solid stone surround. Aquamarine baguette cut stones run down the curved sides while the gently tapering shank faces are each lined with 48 clear baguette cut diamonds. On the bottom center of the shank is a barrel shape is made up of baguette cut aquamarine stones which surround the shank.

Details & Materials

Metal: 18ct White, Yellow and Rose Gold available. Platinum also available.

Stones: Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Baguette cut clear and brown diamond.



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