Art Deco Tower Ring

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This large and imposing ring is inspired by the art deco period and its architecture of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and other great cities as well as the futurist’s movement as seen throughout Europe in the early 20th Century. On the sides you’ll also notice the motifs derived from Japanese meditation gardens.


The Deco Tower ring is made of gold with baguette cut black onyx stones, pink baguette cut sapphires detail art deco lines while on top sits a very large emerald cut pink sapphire. The large stone is surrounded by specially bespoke cut angled baguette cut aquamarines. On the sides of this ring you’ll see the pattern used in Chinese Feng Shui gardens and their raked stones, reflecting the Zen mediation practice which is also echoed inside of the finger aperture by similar patterns which are filigree cut. To compliment these details a geometric art deco filigree cut pattern resides on the upper of the underside aperture. In total there are 101 smaller stones in this design.

Details & Materials

Metal: 18ct White or Yellow gold, Platinum also available.

Stones: Emerald cut pink diamond, aquamarine, black enamel, onyx.






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