Art Deco Emerald Burst necklace


Emerald, Gold and Diamond NEcklace


The Art Deco Emerald Burst necklace is a sumptuous statement crafted from Asscher and baguette cut diamonds, black onyx and emeralds. The arms radiant out from the central point drawing the viewers eye towards the wearer of this simple but iconic design.  


Each stone is set into an articulated setting which ensures the stones capture the light and the movement of this arrangement is mesmerizing. This design is inspired by several ancient cultures and their primitive but powerful use of colour and primary shapes.

Details & Materials

Metal: White Gold Platinum also available.

Stones: Cushion cut Emerald, Large stone. Total emerald 35 ct.

             135 pieces of clear cut Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

             25 Pieces of Onyx


€ Price on Application

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Baguette cut emeralds

Feature 3

Baguette cut emeralds, black onyx and diamonds are a key feature in this repeated and resonating design.